Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Notes on Hamlet

When we first started reading Hamlet I let what I had previously heard about the novel influence my predictions and understanding, I assumed Hamlet was a mad man and nothing else. But as we read further I developed my own opinions and understanding. Hamlet, in no way shape or form is mad. He was just told by the ghost of his father that his father has been murdered by his own brother, Claudius,  and that Hamlet must kill Claudius! Hamlet's mother shows no sadness about the death of her husband and in a matter of weeks jumped into bed with the man who killed him and Hamlet is the only one who knows the truth! On top of that the king is sending people to spy on Hamlet and get information from him, Hamlet doesn't know who to trust and doesn't want anything to do with anyone in the castle, except Ophelia who he's madly in love with. And as the saying goes, "love is temporary insanity." But, Hamlet's not insane, he's paranoid and scared as he rightfully should be! As the story went on I started to put myself in Hamlet's position more and more, and all of my thoughts changed when I did that.

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