Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mind Map!

I had to create the Mind map for lord of the flies on my iPhone because I don't have a laptop so it was not possible to post a link from my mindmeister app. I attempted taking a screen shot but haven yet figured out how to put that in a post.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Socratic seminar notes

Playing pretend draws creativity
Surveillance and rules disable creativity
Knowledge is useless if it is not shared
In order to truly learn, information must be applied and relevant to ones life
Best way to learn is in building blocks
Relating what you live to your learning
AJ "it's not about doing what you love, you have to love what you do."
thinking we have to do vs thinking we want to do
Zen cone
Society looks down on rule breakers, why?

These cOncepts enhance my learning by giving me more mental tools to use when learning. For example looking for connections between what I'm learning and it's relevance or application to my life.

These can help me master the ap exam by giving me better mental study tools.

This will help me with finding inspiration because inspiration comes out of love and understanding

Lord of the Flies lit anal

Lord of the Flies is about a group of British schoolboys whose plane gets shot down leaving the kids stranded on an island with no adults surviving the crash; they are forced to take care of them selves. Ralph is elected as the leader of the group and Jack becomes leader of the hunting group. Ralph is adamant about keeping the signal fire lit and maintained, and it is the hunting group’s job to control it. Jack and the hunter boys focus is on hunting and playing rather then trying to get rescued. One day a ship sails by but the hunting group let the fire go out. The younger boys have been having nightmares and many of the boys believe that there is a beast living on the island. When the kids are asleep a man falls out of his plane and his parachute lands in the trees of the forest. Two of the boys Sam and Eric wake and see it and tell everyone that it is the beast. Eventually Jack overthrows Ralph's authority and starts his own tribe. They violently slaughter a pig in the new tribe and impale its head as an offering to the beast. Simon has a delusion where the head speaks to him. He passes out and when he awakes he discovers the parachuter. After his discovery he realizes that the beast is not an animal but an evil inside. When he goes to inform the boys he is attacked and killed by them.
Jack and Ralph fight and Ralph is forced to run and hide in the forest. The boys go to smoke him out and he is forced to go back to the beach. Ironically the fire the boys set to smoke out Ralph is what saved the boys. A naval officer rescues the boys and the all resort back to their innocent childish ways as soon as an adult is upon them.
2. The theme of the book is that good and evil live with in side of everyone. The “beast” is not a physical thing but something inside them that has made them act savagely. The loss of innocence is a major theme in this book.
3. The tone of the book is chaotic, we can see this in the diction and actions taking place. Goulding provides the reader with graphic and blunt descriptions.
“Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!”
4. Literary Techniques:
• Symbolism: The beast is a symbol of evil. The impaled pig a symbol of the devil.
Also the war going on on the outside that parrellels the war between the boys on the island is an extended metaphor
• To Ralph the fire means rescue but to Jack the fire is of little importance. Ironically in the end it is the fire Jack lights to smoke out Ralph and kill him that gets them rescued.

Friday, March 9, 2012

poetry remix sonnet 35

1.Sonnet 35 is about wanting and longing for something.
2.It is structured in the form of a sonnet. The traditional ryhme scheme
3. Theme: There will always be something you want or yearn for.
4. The grammar is very formal and plays an important role to convey the theme and tone more clearly.
5. The author used a lot of imagery and figurative language to create interest and mentally and visually for the reader.
6. The diction is very formal and romantic
7. I would describe the tone as a sad and longing.
8. rhetorical devices used were similes and imagery.
9. The poem has a nice procidy it flows and transitions easily

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poem analysis

Dramatic situation: Man in love

Structure: there does not appear to be any specific structure. But there is repetition in some lines

Theme: the theme is about moving on from a lost love.

Grammar: there are no abbreviations or shorthands, little punctuation as well, the meaning is about love

Literal vs figurative language: there is a lot of figurative, metaphorical language. Such as "branches" or "shores"

Diction: strong, natural, spiritual, metaphorical words

Tone: sad, forgiving, accepting

Procidy: it flows well, with some sources of repetition and alliteration even though there is no rhyming scheme or specific verse structure.